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In 2001 I met Cédric, a crazy frenchman, on a camping site by the french Atlantic coast. He was a traveling man and a passionated surfer. I was impressed by him, because all he had was a backpack full of hammocks and a surfboard. He was moving from site to site, selling his hammocks and saving up for his next trip.

I bought two of those hammocks and since then I can't imagine to live and travel without a hammock. Everywhere I go I bring it with me.

Now, many years later, I'm offering the same hammocks to you under the name La Bamba.

If you like to swing, relax, read or sleep in hammocks, then the La Bamba hammock is a must have. It's great for camping, traveling, everyday life, lunch breaks, siestas, picnic, hiking, bike tours and much more. Be creative! :-)

The Hammock

– lightweight champion; 603 gram including ropes and hooks
– easy and quick set up
– adjustable rope and hook system included
– attached bag to stow the hammock and ropes
(can be used to store little things when the hammock is set up)
– easy wash and quick dry
– different colors available
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What looks better than a red hammock?
Color: red // Weight: 602 gram // Material: 100% Polyester // Price: CHF 65 (shipping within Switzerland included)
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Yellow is the new black
Color: yellow // Weight: 2.1kg // Material: 100% Nylon // Montage: Carabine and Rope (included) // Price: CHF 60

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